journey for Chitlang

When you are in Old buspark,find the queue of buses going to Thankot,Ask if it goes to Godam.Its better if you catch the bus to Godam because it’s the place where your journey for Chitlang actually begins.Also the cable car to Bhalewsor (Chandragiri) is also available from Godam.If  you take the bus to Thankot,walk for about 15 minutes to your south and you are in Godam.I advise you to be seated comfortably on bus as its almost more than 8 km to Godam.The bus fare is  around Rs 20 as of this date per person.Please ask the conductor of bus to get you off at Godam,its not that difficult to reach Godam.If you don’t get the bus to Godam,catch the bus to Thankot and from there walk to Godam which is about 15 minutes to South

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