Chitlang Markhu Guided Hiking and Overnight Tour

Located at 1833 m, 22 km south-west of Kathmandu Valley in mid-hills called Mahabharat Range, Chitlang is a hiker’s paradise. Markhu is another place, mostly popular as Indra Sarovar. It is the largest man-made lake in Nepal. It is just a night trip to explore both of these two marvellous places near Kathmandu valley. Mind-blowing view of the beautiful landscape is the main attraction for hikers as the place offers the view and a peaceful time to yourself in a night. Green forest and Himalayan Range of North will take your breath away.Chitlang is a typical Nepali village with beautiful setup of houses and hills all around.Chitlang organic village resort located there is famous for its pear garden and the special local pear wine that is produced over there. The well-organized pear garden over the hills of Chitlang has beautified this place very much. Also, other important places include the oldest Cheese factory of Nepal and several temples.

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