Chitlang Day Hiking

Chitlang is a small paradise about 22 km south of Kathmandu valley. Picturesque beauty of Chitlang offers peaceful day in the nature and wonderful landscape. Chitlang Day Hiking has become a popular day trip for those who are in Kathmandu. You can do this trip as a day tour or an overnight trip staying in Chitlang.

Hike to Chitlang village offers a pleasant nature walking experience that exceeds your imagination. To start the hike, we arrange pick up from your hotel and drive you to Thankot, the point to start the trek. It is better to have a light breakfast before starting and pack a day lunch. The hiking is steep uphill on the first half upto Chandragiri and later it descends all the way to Chitlang. The stunning sceneries of lush forest, Kathmandu valley and the Himalayas in the north takes your breath away. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the charming views. There are various meadows to graze the cattle around the village. Different temples with artistic creation, pagoda roofs and unique craftsmanship offer fascinating charm. You have to be pretty fast to grab the spectacular places in a day trip, but a couple of days will be superb. The local people and their lifestyle are remarkable. Then you can hike to Indrasarovar if you want to return to Kathmandu on the same day. It is the largest man made lake that serves as the reservoir to generate hydroelectricity.

Mountain Delights Treks and Expedition arranges numerous day tours and hiking packages around the Kathmandu valley and Chitlang hiking is one of them. We recommend you an overnight stay in Chitlang. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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